08 June 2011

Satellites - Music Video

Recently finished to cut a new music video for the band PLAAS.
Shot in 16mm, cropped to 16:9. DIY film development, scratches and projection/scanning.
The author of this song, Simone Garagiola:

Starring Nicola Spendlove
Luca Rocchini - Director, Producer, Camera, Editing
Michael Higgins - Developer, Scratcher Assistant, Projectionist
Narayan Van Maele - Camera Assistant/Additional Camera

It was shot on my Eclair ACL 2 16mm camera a few months ago.
Here Narayan setting up the tracking shot from the car.

Here the hand-development process with Michael in a regular dark room. Developer - stop bath - fixer - washing. The biggest the amount of film put in the developer, the dirtier the film it becomes. We put about 200-300ft all together. Can get quite a clear develop if put 50ft at the time. The process needs lots shaking at the fixing step.

After let the film drying, it's put on a spool and projected against a mirror. We used my Canon XF300 in full HD mode to capture the picture. Then we further played with film, scratching and burning it.

These are frames of two layers of film put together at the editing stage.

2011 © Novaflare Media

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Ethan Berry said...

Great piece of film. I like the layering. Love the processing images. Eclair+film+darkroom+projector+DSLR = hands-on film making.