10 October 2010

Shebeen Flick - Blue Passage Screening

My little visual documentary Blue Passage earned another screening next Tuesday 12th October 7.30pm at the Shebeen Chic in George Street, Dublin.
Note from the organizer:

"...I will be showing BLUE PASSAGE as part of a series of film nights I will be running in Shebeen Chic from 5th October. The project is called Shebeen Flick and will run every Tuesday at 7.30pm, showing Irish films, old and new. There will be always a short opening for a feature.

BLUE PASSAGE will be opening for the documentary 'Today is better than two Tomorrows' by Anna Rodgers (http://www.todayisbetterthantwotomorrows.com/) on 12th October."


TRAILER --> http://www.bluepassage.eu/
"Blue Passage is a visual documentary
about the mechanisation of our lives, observing
the eternal passions of a city between sunset and sunrise."
15 min

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