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World Cinematography Award - Amsterdam Film Festival 2011
Cinematography Award - NAHEMI/KODAK 2010

Smolt winner of Indie Cork Film Festival - Best Innovation 2013

Small Change winner of IFTA Irish Film & Television Award, Best Debut Cork Film Festival, Critic Circle Award Jameson Dublin International Film Festival and Official Selection at 2011 Sundance Film Festival.
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Children of Manila & The Cemetery People winners of various awards and special mentions:
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Blue Passage is a visual documentary about the mechanisation of our lives, observing the eternal passions of a city between sunset and sunrise.

Selected in competition of Kenya International Film Festival 2010 and Darklight Festival 2011, Dublin.

Concept, Director, Producer, Cinematographer, Editor: Luca Rocchini
Sound Record and Master: Ken Chambers
Assistant Camera/Director and Grading: Michael Higgins
Original Music: Abigail Smith, Niccolo Giulianelli, Denis Khairallah

2010 © Novaflare Media/IADT

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Shot in 16mm, cropped to 16:9. DIY hand develop, scratches and projection/scanning.
Starring Nicola Spendlove.

2011 © Novaflare Media

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Laurier Tiernan - Embrace (Music Video)
Music video for the album "Peace on Earth" performed by Laurier Tiernan, French-Canadian artist living in Tokyo, Japan.

Starring Ann Kemple, Nicola Spendlove, Nora Kelly and Aisling O'Toole

Direction, Cinematography and Editing: Luca Rocchini
Producer: David Lester Mooney
Set Design and Costumes: Rioghnach Ni Ghrioghair
Make Up: Amanda Johnson
Additional Camera: Narayan Van Maele (Ireland) and Ryo Saitoh (Japan)
Colour Grading: Michael Higgins

2011 © Novaflare Media
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In collaboration with Michael Higgins.

2010 © Novaflare Media
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Shot one afternoon in a dismissed industrial area in  Łódź, Poland.
Official Selection Super8FF International Super8 Film Festival 2010 - Milan, Italy
Music Improvisation: Luca Rocchini and Michael Higgins

2010 © Novaflare Media

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The Bowling Club (Short Documentary)
Since 1892, the Kenilworth Bowling Club, Dublin, has carried out an important recreational and social function for its members. Discover the fun, the comaraderie and love of the game with its members, like Fred and Betty, an enthusiastic couple.

With Betty and Fred Beardsley, Alec David, David Bergin and Arthur Pollock

Directed, Produced, Camera and Editing: Luca Rocchini
Director Assistant: Joanna Goldyn
Colour Grading: Michael Higgins

Dedicated to the memory of Fred Beardsley

Official Selections Galway Film Fleadh, Kerry Film Festival and Darklight Festival 2009, Ireland

2009 © Novaflare Media

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Blackwave (Art Video)
No time. No choice.
Shot in Torun, Poland, in December 2010, on Super 8 Kodak Tri-x and Sigma camera. DIY hand process and projection/transfer.
Music by Jacob Van Andel

2011 © Novaflare Media
The communication between the young couple
Jeff and Julie has broken down. Jeff is left alone
trying to understand a failed - yet beautiful - romance.

Starring Nelly Henrion and Charlie Kranz.

2009 © Novaflare Media

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