I'm a freelance, award winner, director of photography and cameraman with base in London. I graduated with First Class Honours at the National Film School of Ireland.

I have almost a decade of experience shooting dramas, promos, commercials, documentaries, corporates, drama and comedy series, music and fashion videos, news and magazine reels, live multicamera shows, video installations and experimental films. 

Many of my collaborations have screened in festivals around the world; most notably the documentaries Children of Manila & The Cemetery People have won several awards and the short film Small Change for which I achieved the World Cinematography Award at the Amsterdam Film Festival 2011 and the Best Cinematography Award at the NOHEMI/KODAK Encounter Film Festival 2010.

I have worked for TV productions like HISTORY CHANNEL, SHOWTIME, M6 and RTE and for productions with national and international funds like the Irish Film Board, Irish Art Council, RTE Storyland, RTE/Filmbase, Northern Ireland Screen and Screen Flanders. I have worked in countries as Uganda, Philippines, South America, Italy and Russia.

I'm an experienced operator of broadcast and high-end digital and film cameras like ARRI ALEXA, SR2 & SR3, RED One Epic & Scarlet, Blackmagic, Canon C300, XF300 & 5D, Sony F5, F3, PW200 & EX3 and Bolex S16. I own a Canon XF300 (BBC approved), a set of 35mm Nikon lenses, a 16mm Eclair ACL 2 and a lighting kit. I'm an experienced camera operator, focus puller and still photographer.

I like to keep myself open to a wide range of projects and be eclectic, in order to work closely with the directors and achieve the right look for each specific project. I look forward to meet interesting directors and collaborators. 

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