22 November 2012

Cinematography Showreel

My latest cinematography showreel for dramas, music videos, video installations and commercials.
Shot on RED 4K, Super16 and 1080p.
The short film Small Change made me win an award two years ago...
Hope you enjoy the watching!

Donore Boxing Club

With my Zorky 4K, old russian rangefinder, I took a black and white roll of double exposed photographs of a boxing club of one of the poorest parts of Dublin. Scanned with Lomo folders.
For more pictures check my website: http://www.lucarocchini.com/sections/eng/art5.html

Being Mum

These are pictures of my sister and her new born child. Taken with medium format and 360 degree Lomo cameras.
More pictures at my website: http://www.lucarocchini.com/sections/eng/art8.html

Double Exposed Poland

These are photographs that I took almost a year ago in Bydgoszcz, Poland, within pauses from the always exciting Art of Cinematography Festival Camerimage.
I shoot the whole film and then roll back and shoot again. I use the same feeling to shoot subjects quickly and achieve something that randomly will work together eventually. Chances, applying the Dadaist lesson.
Lately I also use the Lomo folders for scanning pictures strips to have the whole film as a sequence as a further option.
The pictures have been taken with a 70's Russian rangefinder camera called Zorky 4K and expired film.
Check more pictures at my website: http://www.lucarocchini.com/sections/eng/art7.html

Blue Passage - Visual Documentary

Finally I come to publish my old graduation film. Shot over 2 nights in Dublin back in 2010.

Blue Passage is a visual documentary about the mechanisation of our lives, observing the eternal passions of a city between sunset and sunrise.
Selected in competition of Kenya International Film Festival 2010 and Darklight Festival 2011, Dublin.
Concept, Director, Producer, Cinematographer, Editor: Luca Rocchini
Sound Record and Master: Ken Chambers
Assistant Camera/Director and Grading: Michael Higgins
Original Music: Abigail Smith, Niccolo Giulianelli, Denis Khairallah

21 November 2012

Post Earthquake Emilia

Lat summer I went to visit Italy and I travelled one day to Emilia region, which was attacked by a strong earthquake back on May. I took some medium format photos in Mirandola town and its area.
Check more photos at my website: www.lucarocchini.com/sections/eng/pla10.html#

Lisbon - Porto

New updates for my website, here there are some medium format photographs from my trip in Portugal last summer.
For more pictures visit my website: www.lucarocchini.com/sections/eng/pla11.html

28 February 2012

Documentary Showreel - Director of Photography

My new documentary showreel. The first two parts are the most recent and shot with my camera. Enjoy!
Excerpts from L'Artigiano, Nightdancers, Children of Manila & The Cemetery People, Blue Passage, The Bowling Club and In This Winter Sun.

02 February 2012

Sardinia Rocks!

Some black and white medium format pictures from my last summer passage in island Sardinia, Italy, pearl of Mediterranean sea. Rocks and beauties, more pics at my website: http://www.lucarocchini.com/sections/eng/pla5.html#

30 January 2012

Arctic Kola

I was in north of Russia last November to film a project with the director Paddy Jolley on his inseparable Bolex. I updated my website adding these pictures I quickly snap on medium format black and white while filming. Some amazing locations of ex-soviet buildings.
Unfortunately Paddy passed away a few weeks ago. It was great to have the chance to work with him. These pics are dedicated to Paddy.