27 March 2011


Shoot some Oktomat pics last December, back home in Italy.
Lomo's Oktomat takes 8 pictures in a 35mm frames, in a few split seconds one after the other. It gives a kind of moving picture effect. It works properly only in bright days as there is no exposure choice. Well, I gave a bit of a kick and forced that. Here some of the results (I have digitally retouch the exposure of the 2nd pic):

25 March 2011

Canon XF300 HD Tests

Some shots from my new camera. Daytime interior/exterior (2011 Irish election campaign), theater and some filming of BMX and skaters - fast and slow motion 50fps. Some cine effect, interlaced first and progressive last. No grading, raw footage.

4:2:2 50mbs HD 18X lenses - BBC approved
More specs here:

19 March 2011


My dear friend Andrea Polverini made these two paintings inspired by two of my photographs:

Here the original pictures:

13 March 2011

Eclair ACL 2 Test

Uploaded the tests of this new 16mm camera purchase. Especially nice handheld and on slowmotion.