07 December 2011

Embrace - Music Video

Recently finished this music video. Shot in April in Dublin and second unit filming in Tokyo. Shot with my Canon XF300 and on 5D.

Music video for the album "Peace on Earth" performed by Laurier Tiernan, French-Canadian artist living in Tokyo, Japan.
Starring Ann Kemple, Nicola Spendlove, Nora Kelly Lester and Aisling O'Toole.
Direction, Cinematography & Editing - Luca Rocchini 
Producer - David Lester Mooney
Set Design & Costumes - Rioghnach Ni Ghrioghair
Make Up - Amanda Johnson
Additional Camera - Narayan Van Maele (Ireland) & Ryo Saitoh (Japan) 
Colourist - Michael Higgins

A Novaflare Media Production 2011

08 June 2011

Satellites - Music Video

Recently finished to cut a new music video for the band PLAAS.
Shot in 16mm, cropped to 16:9. DIY film development, scratches and projection/scanning.
The author of this song, Simone Garagiola:

Starring Nicola Spendlove
Luca Rocchini - Director, Producer, Camera, Editing
Michael Higgins - Developer, Scratcher Assistant, Projectionist
Narayan Van Maele - Camera Assistant/Additional Camera

It was shot on my Eclair ACL 2 16mm camera a few months ago.
Here Narayan setting up the tracking shot from the car.

Here the hand-development process with Michael in a regular dark room. Developer - stop bath - fixer - washing. The biggest the amount of film put in the developer, the dirtier the film it becomes. We put about 200-300ft all together. Can get quite a clear develop if put 50ft at the time. The process needs lots shaking at the fixing step.

After let the film drying, it's put on a spool and projected against a mirror. We used my Canon XF300 in full HD mode to capture the picture. Then we further played with film, scratching and burning it.

These are frames of two layers of film put together at the editing stage.

2011 © Novaflare Media

20 May 2011


Last April, I went for a couple weeks in Kampala, Uganda, to work as cameraman for a Irish Film Board funded documentary produced by Still Films, Ireland.
Here some of the stolen moments I shot with my Bronica, more pics at my website:

The documentary is called "Nightdancers" and this is its link (old promo, this is not the footage I shot):

18 May 2011

The Bowling Club (2009) - Short Documentary

Since 1892, the Kenilworth Bowling Club, Dublin, has carried out an important recreational and social function for its members. Discover the fun, the comaraderie and love of the game with its members, like Fred & Betty, an enthusiastic couple.

Dedicated to the memory of Fred Beardsley.

With Betty & Fred Beardsley, Alec David, David Bergin and Arthur Pollock.
Directed, Produced, Camera & Editing Luca Rocchini
Director Assistant Joanna Goldyn
Grading Michael Higgins

Shot and edited in 2009 in Dublin, Ireland.

Official Selections Galway Film Fleadh, Kerry Film Festival and Darklight Festival 2009, Ireland.

2009-2011 © Novaflare Media

27 March 2011


Shoot some Oktomat pics last December, back home in Italy.
Lomo's Oktomat takes 8 pictures in a 35mm frames, in a few split seconds one after the other. It gives a kind of moving picture effect. It works properly only in bright days as there is no exposure choice. Well, I gave a bit of a kick and forced that. Here some of the results (I have digitally retouch the exposure of the 2nd pic):

25 March 2011

Canon XF300 HD Tests

Some shots from my new camera. Daytime interior/exterior (2011 Irish election campaign), theater and some filming of BMX and skaters - fast and slow motion 50fps. Some cine effect, interlaced first and progressive last. No grading, raw footage.

4:2:2 50mbs HD 18X lenses - BBC approved
More specs here:

19 March 2011


My dear friend Andrea Polverini made these two paintings inspired by two of my photographs:

Here the original pictures:

13 March 2011

Eclair ACL 2 Test

Uploaded the tests of this new 16mm camera purchase. Especially nice handheld and on slowmotion.

17 January 2011


No time. No choice.

I shot this video in Torun, Poland, in December 2010, on Super 8 Kodak Tri-x and Sigma camera. DYI hand process and projection/transfer (on miniHD at hypergain...).

Music by Jacob Van Andel