26 August 2010

Wasteland (2009) - Short Film

The communication between the young couple

Jeff and Julie has broken down. Jeff is left alone trying to understand a failed - yet beautiful - romance.
Starring Nelly Henrion and Charlie Kranz.
I wrote and directed this short piece, shot in Dublin in 2008 on Canon XL2. Final edit in 2009.

12 August 2010

Sacred Light

Last year I went around Dublin and Tuscany, in Italy, to take photographs inside empty sacred placed, like churches and such, enhanced by their natural light only. I hand-print five of these pictures, in colour for my first time. I used a JOBO machine to keep the liquids at constant temperature during the develop stage. I used Fuji film and paper, a Fujica 35mm still camera on tripod and long time exposures. Some samples (shots in Florence):

Gino Strada and Emergency (in Florence)

[italiano piú in basso]
Gino Strada is an Italian war surgeon and founder of the UN-recognized Italian NGO Emergency. Emergency operates in thirteen war-torn countries, including IraqAfghanistanSudan,Sierra LeoneCambodiaRwanda.
I am not a pacifist. I'm against war.
—Gino Strada, interviewed at "Che tempo che fa" (a popular Italian TV show) 
[from Wikipedia]

Gino Strada is against any war, anyhow. This is because 37% of the people dying in wars are children and 90% are civilians. Emergency operates in both sides of a conflict. Their philosophy is to don't make any distinctions between wounded people. Emergency believes that medical treatment should be given for free. In particular, Strada had successfully fought to prohibit land mine and cluster bombs.

A very interesting and comprehensive interview given to an american radio:

Click here for more info: Emergency Website (English)

Una breve intervista in italiano:

Incontro Nazionale a Firenze dal 7 al 12 Settembre, per piú informazioni clicca qui Incontro Nazionale Emergency 2010

Una interessante intervista a Gino Strada dalla passata edizione:

02 August 2010

Cinematography & Lighting

My latest showreels, one for Cinematography in general (above) and here just on Lighting.