31 July 2010

On Cinema

Realities, by

Robert Bresson

Abbas Kiarostami

Michelangelo Antonioni

26 July 2010

Black & White Wedding

I don't usually do wedding photography but for my sister last month in Florence, Italy, I did an exception...
Shot with my medium-format camera Bronica Sensa, 75mm lens and one IlFord FP4 125 iso.
More pics here:

12 July 2010

Łódź mon amour

Finally I got some spare time to edit this piece called Fabryka. It was shot in one afternoon last December in a dismissed industrial area of Łódź in Poland. Filmed with a Super 8mm camera on one roll of Kodak Plus-X negative and DYI telecine. The sounds were recorded from the polish streets using a BUSH mp3 player. Last January, myself and Michael Higgins improvised a music session a bit ended up in this film...
Hope you will enjoy it!!

09 July 2010


Just finished to cut my documentary showreel.
It contains excerpts from Children of Manila, The Cemetery People, Blue Passage, In This Winter Sun, The Bowling Club. Shots between 2006 and 2009, Ireland and Philippines.

Enjoy it!

06 July 2010


Sum of the past decade...

Found in ALBA magazine, Napoli.

03 July 2010

Blue Passage

My last 'fully involved' project.
2 days of filming in Dublin last February.
3 weeks to edit it down to 14 min film.

Here is the trailer: