08 December 2010

In Memory of Mario Monicelli

Mario Monicelli (May 16, 1915 – November 29, 2010) was an Italian director and screenwriter and one of the masters of theCommedia all'Italiana (Comedy Italian style).
....  Monicelli's career include some of the masterpieces of Italian cinema. In I soliti ignoti (Big Deal on Madonna Street) (1958), again featuring the ubiquitous comedian Totò, he discovered the comical talent of Vittorio Gassman and Marcello Mastroianni and probably produced the first true commedia all'italiana. While it is more well known in the English speaking world as Big Deal on Madonna Street, the actual translation from the Italian is "the usual unknown perpetrators" (which is similar to the famous line from Casablanca of "Round up the usual suspects")
La Grande Guerra (The Great War), released one year later, is generally regarded as his finest work. For this work Monicelli was awarded a Leone d'Oro in the Venice Film Festival, and an a Academy Award nomination for the best foreign film. The film, featuring Gassman and the other superstar of Italian comedy, Alberto Sordi, excelled in the absence of rethorical accents (the tragedy of World War I was still well in Italian's minds in these years) and for its sharp, tragicomical sense of history. Monicelli received two more Academy Award nominations with I compagni(The Organizer1963) and The Girl with the Pistol (1968).
L'armata Brancaleone (For Love and Gold, 1966) is another masterpiece of Italian cinema. The film tells the story of a Middle Age Italy's poor but pompous knight (played by Gassman) from a humorous point of view. Highlighted by Gasmann the bizarre Macaronic Latin-Italian dialogues were devised by Age & Scarpelli, the most renowned writers of Italian comedies, it was followed by Brancaleone alle Crociate (Brancaleone at the Crusades) in 1970.
Amici miei (My Friends, 1975), featuring Ugo Tognazzi and Philippe Noiret, was one of the most successful films in Italy and confirmed Monicelli's skill in mixing humour, irony and bitter feelings.
.... In 1991 he received the Golden Lion for Career of the Venice Film Festival.
.... Monicelli died on November 29, 2010 at the age of 95, after comitting suicide by jumping from a window of the San Giovanni hospital in Rome, where he was admitted a few days earlier for prostate cancer.[5][6]

17 November 2010

Small Change wins Cork Film Festival

Small Change wins the award for best debut short film, last weekend at the Cork Film Festival. Directed by Cathy Brady and shot last March in Newry, North of Ireland, I worked as Director of Photography, operating the RED One camera. It got a good review on The Irish Time last Friday.

Karen (Nora-Jane Noone), a young single mother is bored by routine. Slot machines have become her secret thrill an addiction. With Christmas looming, a desperate hope for a big win sees her life spiral out of control.

25 October 2010

Kenya International Film Festival

A short note to say that Blue Passage has entered the official competition at the Kenya International Film Festival. It will be screened on Thursday 28th.

Blue Passage is a visual documentary about the mechanisation of our lives, observing the eternal passions of a city between sunset and sunrise.

Concept, Director, Producer, Cinematographer, Editor: Luca Rocchini
Sound Record and Master: Ken Chambers
Assistant Camera/Director and Grading: Michael Higgins
Original Music: Abigail Smith, Niccolo Giulianelli, Denis Khairallah

23 October 2010

Macnas Light Show - Dublin Fringe

During the last Fringe Festival in Dublin, I went to further experiment with my 1950's Condor Ferrania, which closely resemble the more famous Leika. I pushed the machine even further with low shutter speeds and out of focus shots. Then I had hand developed the films ILFORD FP4 PLUS (400 ISO) and KODAK BW400CN, this one in C41 with the help of a Jobo machine. I think that some interesting effects came out of this magic show. To note that there were many people taking photographs at the show, but I was the only one I have seen holding a film camera. Sob.
Soon, more pictures will be published on my website.

17 October 2010

516 Films Webpage

I'm part of 516, a group of film and video collaborators. The website has just been uploaded:
"Fivesixteen is a creative team of media professionals in Dublin, Ireland who share a passion for the visual arts. Whit years of experience in the TV, Film and Print Industry, we provide production and post-production services with a polished touch."
Check out our showreel:

For more info here:
and here:

10 October 2010

Shebeen Flick - Blue Passage Screening

My little visual documentary Blue Passage earned another screening next Tuesday 12th October 7.30pm at the Shebeen Chic in George Street, Dublin.
Note from the organizer:

"...I will be showing BLUE PASSAGE as part of a series of film nights I will be running in Shebeen Chic from 5th October. The project is called Shebeen Flick and will run every Tuesday at 7.30pm, showing Irish films, old and new. There will be always a short opening for a feature.

BLUE PASSAGE will be opening for the documentary 'Today is better than two Tomorrows' by Anna Rodgers (http://www.todayisbetterthantwotomorrows.com/) on 12th October."


TRAILER --> http://www.bluepassage.eu/
"Blue Passage is a visual documentary
about the mechanisation of our lives, observing
the eternal passions of a city between sunset and sunrise."
15 min

23 September 2010

lucarocchini.com Website updated

Finally, I have updated my last three years of work on my website in the usual three displayed languages.

There are 3 new sections: Film & Video (4 new videos), Cinema Photography (mostly still photography from film set - 9 new photo folders), Author Photography (divided in Places and Art sections - 8 new folders including 2 where hand prints can be purchases) and a fully updated Contact-Bio section with new links to my other work and recent collaborators.

Please take your time to look at it and I would be pleased to get your feedback and comments.
Here the link to my website:

26 August 2010

Wasteland (2009) - Short Film

The communication between the young couple

Jeff and Julie has broken down. Jeff is left alone trying to understand a failed - yet beautiful - romance.
Starring Nelly Henrion and Charlie Kranz.
I wrote and directed this short piece, shot in Dublin in 2008 on Canon XL2. Final edit in 2009.

12 August 2010

Sacred Light

Last year I went around Dublin and Tuscany, in Italy, to take photographs inside empty sacred placed, like churches and such, enhanced by their natural light only. I hand-print five of these pictures, in colour for my first time. I used a JOBO machine to keep the liquids at constant temperature during the develop stage. I used Fuji film and paper, a Fujica 35mm still camera on tripod and long time exposures. Some samples (shots in Florence):

Gino Strada and Emergency (in Florence)

[italiano piú in basso]
Gino Strada is an Italian war surgeon and founder of the UN-recognized Italian NGO Emergency. Emergency operates in thirteen war-torn countries, including IraqAfghanistanSudan,Sierra LeoneCambodiaRwanda.
I am not a pacifist. I'm against war.
—Gino Strada, interviewed at "Che tempo che fa" (a popular Italian TV show) 
[from Wikipedia]

Gino Strada is against any war, anyhow. This is because 37% of the people dying in wars are children and 90% are civilians. Emergency operates in both sides of a conflict. Their philosophy is to don't make any distinctions between wounded people. Emergency believes that medical treatment should be given for free. In particular, Strada had successfully fought to prohibit land mine and cluster bombs.

A very interesting and comprehensive interview given to an american radio:

Click here for more info: Emergency Website (English)

Una breve intervista in italiano:

Incontro Nazionale a Firenze dal 7 al 12 Settembre, per piú informazioni clicca qui Incontro Nazionale Emergency 2010

Una interessante intervista a Gino Strada dalla passata edizione:

02 August 2010

Cinematography & Lighting

My latest showreels, one for Cinematography in general (above) and here just on Lighting.

31 July 2010

On Cinema

Realities, by

Robert Bresson

Abbas Kiarostami

Michelangelo Antonioni

26 July 2010

Black & White Wedding

I don't usually do wedding photography but for my sister last month in Florence, Italy, I did an exception...
Shot with my medium-format camera Bronica Sensa, 75mm lens and one IlFord FP4 125 iso.
More pics here:

12 July 2010

Łódź mon amour

Finally I got some spare time to edit this piece called Fabryka. It was shot in one afternoon last December in a dismissed industrial area of Łódź in Poland. Filmed with a Super 8mm camera on one roll of Kodak Plus-X negative and DYI telecine. The sounds were recorded from the polish streets using a BUSH mp3 player. Last January, myself and Michael Higgins improvised a music session a bit ended up in this film...
Hope you will enjoy it!!

09 July 2010


Just finished to cut my documentary showreel.
It contains excerpts from Children of Manila, The Cemetery People, Blue Passage, In This Winter Sun, The Bowling Club. Shots between 2006 and 2009, Ireland and Philippines.

Enjoy it!

06 July 2010


Sum of the past decade...

Found in ALBA magazine, Napoli.

03 July 2010

Blue Passage

My last 'fully involved' project.
2 days of filming in Dublin last February.
3 weeks to edit it down to 14 min film.

Here is the trailer: